Motor Club of America was founded in 1926 — and people still think it’s a scam.

Motor Club of America was founded in 1926 — and people still think it’s a scam. (Click that to lead to my blog where I describe this in detail.)

Can I blame you?

Nah. I was once there.

You have spammy people who’re in it just for the “get rich scheme” mindset of it and promoting it as such.

Flip 30 into 300 or 3000” — you’ve heard of it.

Here, I’ll translate it in scammer language for you..

“Sike. Free rent money for me.”

People are misconstruing the two, scamming and MCA  doesn’t correlate at all.

Motor Club of America pays, scamming does too but that’s tax free money.

Scammers will never fill out a 1040 unless it’s someone elses.

You get my point.

But the reason why you’re misconstruing the two is because we have “novice marketers” that are saying the same words the scammers do.

It’s confusing.

And people will label those who are promoting it well, as scammers too. That’s one con about the company, bad reputation from word of mouth.

And William Green is definitely turning in his grave. (Founder of Motor Club of America)

We must eradicate this way of marketing, people.

And it starts with you, yes you, once you join.
I’ll give you better methods of marketing without people knowing you’re selling to them.

Here’s what you do:

Start looking for a niche you’re trying to market to. Once you get a clear intention on what niche you’re gonna get into, get leads from that niche. Leads will eventually turn into sales.

You can get leads by:

Web two-point-owing. (As listed above)
Post Card Marketing.

I strongly recommend the first three. It’s more leverage and sustainable.

See there’s this system I use, for people to get plugged into, it’s captures the readers email, and send me their leads after they’re interested, eventually those leads turn into sales.

Sounds dope doesn’t it?

It is.

I blog for certain keywords people are searching for like “MCA Scam?” or “Motor Club of America” … I present my value to those, like you, are looking for… and get leads. Simple.

I don’t sell at all, I give. I suck at selling. I’m also introverted so I just do the lazy method.. which is what I just described.

You could see more of what I just described here. If you’re lazy like me and introverted and want sales you’ll follow that link.

See ya later, Alligator.



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